2021 Fall Into Gardening Conference

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Day 1, Segment 1 – Dr. Hartwig Schepker:  Sichuan:  A Plantsman’s Paradise
This segment includes the official conference opening by Dr. Glen Jamieson with welcomes from Chief Michael Recalma of the Qualicum First Nation and ARS President Bill Meyers; as well as the first presentation of the day in which Dr. Hartwig Schepker takes us on a virtual trip to Sichuan.


Day 1 Segment 2 – Dr. Shannon Berch: Your Living Soil
In this segment, Dr. Shannon Berch discusses soil structure and the micro-organisms that inhabit it, and describes the interconnected relationships of soil biota.


Day 1 Segment 3 – David Sellars:  From Rhododendrons to Rock Gardening
In this segment David Sellars describes his gardening journey, from focusing on rhododendrons to building an award-winning rock garden. The question and answer period with David is included.


Day 1 Segment 4 – Don Hyatt:  A Walk in the Woods
This segment contains Don Hyatt’s presentation, “A Walk in the Woods”, along with the question and answer period with Don. Also included is a short presentation from Steve McCormick and Mike Stewart, inviting gardeners to the 2022 ARS Spring Conference.


Day 2 Segment 1 – David Millais: Conservation of Heritage Rhododendrons
This segment begins with a welcome to Day 2 by John Deniseger, followed by David Millais of Crosswater Farms in England discussing the importance of record-keeping and rhododendron conservation. Included is a question and answer period with David.


Day 2 Segment 2 – Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott: Mulches – The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly
In this segment, Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott talks about the pros and cons of various kinds of mulches, backed up by scientific test methods and data. A question and answer period with Linda follows.

Click here to get the handout for Linda’s talk.  (You can print or download it by clicking on the Print or Download icon in the upper right corner of the PDF screen.)


Day 2 Segment 3 – Richard Dionne: Growing Rhododendrons in Québec’s Harsh Winter
In this segment, Richard Dionne, vice-president and co-founder of Société des Rhododendrons du Québec, discusses the challenges of growing rhododendrons in colder climates. He lists some of the best performers in his climatic zone, along with tips and tricks for mitigating the effects of harsh weather.


Day 2 Segment 4 – Don Wallace: Fragrant and Fancy – Bringing Fragrance into the Showiest Rhododendron Flowers
In this segment, renowned hybridizer Don Wallace offers a glimpse into the techniques he uses to develop his award-winning hybrids, with a focus on fragrant rhododendrons. A question and answer period with Don is followed by closing remarks by Bill Meyers, president of the American Rhododendron Society, and the official conference closing by John Deniseger.

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