MARS Annual Rhododendron Show & Sale

2025 MARS Annual Rhododendron Show & Sale

Each April, enjoy free admission to the annual MARS Rhododendron Show and Plant Sale, featuring the flowers of early to mid-season blooming rhododendron species, along with local vendors selling gardening goodies and a variety of plants (not only rhododendrons).

This is your chance to consult the experts and purchase from a top-quality selection of rhododendrons and azaleas, from iron-clad garden standbys to rare and unusual varieties.

Whether you’re a rhododendron aficionado, a gardener, or simply a fan of flowers, you’ll find lots to enjoy at the MARS Rhododendron Show and Plant Sale.

Rhododendron Society members and the public are invited to show their favourite rhododendron blooms (known as trusses).  Please see “How to Exhibit” below.



Location: TBA for 2025
TBA for 2025
TBA for 2025

Everyone welcome — tell your friends!


How To Exhibit
Anyone can show blooms in the exhibit, and they don’t have to be perfect — this is a celebration of rhododendrons, not a competition.  (No judging, ribbons, or trophies.)  Please bring lots of trusses of all kinds from your garden for everyone to view and enjoy!

  • Please bring a list of your trusses, clearly printed and in alphabetical
    order.  Separate lists for species and hybrids, please.
  • Unknown and unnamed trusses will also be displayed.
  • Bottles will be provided for you to display your trusses.
  • Drop off your entries at the Qualicum Beach Curling Club on Friday April 19 between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM (Sorry, no Saturday drop-offs.)
  • You can remove your entries at 1:00 PM on Saturday April 20, after the show.


Tips for Preparing Your Trusses

  • A few days before the show, look around your garden to see what can be entered.
  • Select blooms at the peak of their development.
  • Cut from well-watered plants, during the coolest part of the day.
  • Groom your blooms: Remove damaged or dead twigs, leaves, bud scales and flower pips.
  • Clean or wash leaves.
  • Use suitable containers to retain water during transportation to the show. If you wish, you may use chemical additives to preserve bloom freshness.

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