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May 6, 2021: The New Zealand Ex Situ Rhododendron Conservation Project
Presented by Dr. Marion MacKay

All the way from Massey University in New Zealand, senior lecturer Dr. Marion MacKay presents a talk on the New Zealand ex situ Rhododendron Conservation Project. The talk addresses what the private collection holder can do or how they can participate (with also a bit on how the NZ work fits with the Global Conservation Consortium).


April 29, 2021: Treasures of the Cloud Forest
Presented by Dr. Brian White

Dr. Brian White describes his expeditions and plant discoveries around Phan Si Pan mountain in Vietnam’s Huang Lien National Park.


April 24, 2021: Rhododendrons:  Beauty, Diversity, and Culture
Presented by Chris Southwick

Master gardener Chris Southwick discusses the amazing diversity of rhododendron species along with tips and tricks on growing these beauties.

This video is available thanks to the generosity of VIMGA (Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association) and VIRL (Vancouver Island Regional Library).  If you enjoyed this video, click here to check VIRL’s event calendar for more great offerings!

BONUS!  Chris gives us a “One-Minute Tour” of her home garden:


March 20, 2021: What’s New in Edible Gardening
Presented by Brian Minter

Master gardener, author, and media celebrity Brian Minter presents a talk on ‘What’s New in Edible Gardening’.

Brian, a University of British Columbia graduate (BA) and Master Gardener, quickly became BC’s go-to garden expert through his experience at both the garden centre and the display gardens. He has hosted countless radio and television shows, is a frequent gardening columnist and is the author of Canadian Best Seller, ‘Brian Minter’s New Gardening Guide – Fresh Approaches for Canadian Gardeners’.

A recipient of the Order of Canada, an Honorary Doctorate of Technology, and many other awards, Brian is well known from his magazine and syndicated newspaper columns and TV and radio programs. Brian recently received an Award of Merit from the Perennial Plant Association in recognition of outstanding contributions to the perennial industry. He was also inducted into the Gardening Writers Association’s Hall of Fame ‘in recognition of a lifetime of exceptional work and spirit promoting gardening and garden communications to the public.’ He currently writes garden-inspired articles for The Vancouver Sun and several Black Press papers in the Fraser Valley and is on CBC Radio (BC Almanac) every other Thursday at 12:30pm.  Brian and Faye remain co-owners of Minter Country Garden Store and operate it along with their family.


March 6, 2021: Raised Bed Gardening
Presented by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.

Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott has a Ph.D. in Horticulture from Oregon State University and is an ISA certified and ASCA consulting arborist.  She is WSU’s Extension Urban Horticulturist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture, and holds two affiliate associate professor positions at University of Washington. She conducts research in applied plant and soil sciences, publishing the results in scientific articles and university Extension fact sheets.

She is the award-winning author of five fascinating and fact-packed books on horticultural myth-busting, sustainable landscapes and gardens, plant science, and native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  Linda has also been featured in “The Science of Gardening”, a video series produced by The Great Courses, and she is one of the Garden Professors, a group of academic colleagues who educate and entertain through their blog and Facebook pages.


February 5, 2021: Water Management in the Landscape
Presented by Ken Nentwig

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.

Retired landscape architect and educator Ken Nentwig presents a talk on water efficiency in the landscape, touching on:

  • Collecting rainwater and managing precipitation
  • Collection and storage of rainwater and using it in the landscape
  • Handling runoff from impervious surfaces
  • Natural vs Built Environments
  • Rainwater vs Stormwater
  • Uses for rainwater


January 15, 2021: Year-Round Organic Gardening
Presented by Dr. Linda Gilkeson

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.

Local gardening expert Linda Gilkeson will cover the basics of growing vegetables year round, from fertilizing the soil to planting schedules for winter harvests; she will also include tips on how to make the best use of your space to grow the most food.Gardeners in our mild West Coast climate can harvest fresh food from the garden all year round. To do that you need to choose the right varieties and plant them at the right time.

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.


December 9, 2020:  Highlights of 2020 ‘What’s Blooming’
Presented by Dr. Glen Jamieson, MARS President


November 18, 2020:  Expedition to Northern Vietnam
Presented by Steve Hootman, Executive Director & Curator of the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Federal Way, Washington

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.

Rhododendron expert Steve Hootman shows images and discusses the amazing plants and sights seen on a two-week expedition to the mountains of north Vietnam.  Included are a few species of Rhododendron completely new to science!


October 14, 2020:  Botanizing in Yunnan, China
Presented by Dr. Glen Jamieson, MARS President

This presentation has been archived and is unavailable to be viewed.

Our President, Dr. Glen Jamieson, presents a talk on his three week exploration for rhododendrons led by Steve Hootman in western Yunnan, China, from Kumming to Lijiang, and then up the length of the Salween River (the Chinese river closest to Myanmar). This area has the most Chinese ethnic minorities and is extremely rich in plant life.

The presentation showcases the regions scenery, plants and peoples living there, and provides a snapshot of what this part of China used to be like, before the recent surge of Han tourists impacted the region.

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