COVID-19: A Message from the MARS President

COVID-19:  A Message from the MARS President


Dear Fellow MARS Members –

As you might have expected, with great sadness the MARS Executive has decided to cancel the 2020 MARS Truss Show and Plant Sale on April 18, the Mother’s Day Garden Tour on May 9 and 10 and the MARS Bus Tour to Victoria being planned for May 12.

Many members have put a great deal of effort into these activities over the past six months or so, and so I would particularly like to acknowledge all the effort put in by the Plant Sale Committee members Tony Ansdell, Marilyn Dawson, Rose Prufer, Lars Stefanyk, Kathy Loyer and Guy Loyer. The Garden Tour Committee members did a huge amount of preparation – just finding the gardens takes many days and many people driving around and knocking on doors.  Garden Tour Chair Louise Cotterill worked diligently with Marilyn Dawson, Karen Bennett, Nicola Lupton, Linda Derkach, Tony Ansdell, Gillian Walker and Joanne Hamilton.

And finally, our appreciation to the garden owners who offered their beautiful gardens for the community to enjoy.  Without their generosity and hard work readying their gardens, our tour would not be the exciting community event and tradition that it has become.

I know many MARS members have signed up to participate in some, if not all, of these events, and so I would like to thank the whole MARS community for their great support of our society’s activities. Without this support, none of these activities could be attempted.

I know I am expressing the thanks from all of you for this great effort by many MARS members, and we really appreciate all they have done. Hopefully, this self-isolation and disruption will end with all of us well, but my suspicion is that it will last for months, not weeks! Let’s just hope is passes sooner rather than later!

Hope to see you all again soon, but most importantly, stay safe and well,


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