Virtual Truss Show 2020

MARS Virtual Truss Show 2020

Since we had to cancel our “real” truss show due to COVID-19, we had a virtual show instead!  The MARS 2020 Virtual Truss Show was a relatively low-key affair with the aim of encouraging and educating our club members and sharing our gardening accomplishments during this period of self-isolation.

Judges considered:

  • Whether he truss was correctly labelled or not
  • Showing as much of truss as possible
  • Showing as many of leaves as possible (except for azaleas where foliage not yet emerged)
  • Showing no damage to leaves (as perfect as possible – e.g., no weevil damage, chlorosis, spotting, rips, etc.)
  • Showing clean leaves – fir needles, bud scales, etc., removed

The contest was in two parts:

Rhododendrons flowering in April:  Click here to check out the beautiful winners!

Rhododendrons flowering in May:  Click here to check out the beautiful winners!


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