Submissions for What’s Blooming

How to submit photos for What’s Blooming:

Please name each photo file with the name of the plant(s) (e.g., ‘Rhododendron Snow Lady.jpg’).  If you want your own name(s) or the garden location to be displayed in the subtitle, include it in the name of the photo, too (e.g. ‘Snow Lady from a coastal garden in Qualicum Beach.jpg’).  Whatever you name the photo, that’s what the caption will read.

Send as many photos as you like, as long as each photo is named appropriately.  We’re hoping to use these photo albums as bloom-time references from year to year, so having plant names is important. But if you don’t know the name of the plant, just label it “Unknown”.

The album will be updated every Monday, so if you want your photos in the current week’s album, please send them by midnight Sunday.  Please email your photos to:


Thanks for participating!

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