Rhododendron Resources

Caution:  Many rhododendrons and azaleas being sold at big-box nurseries and garden centres are unfortunately being mislabeled. This can be very frustrating for buyers, and may reflect badly on the genus as a whole. If possible, purchase plants while they’re in bloom so you know what you’re getting.  


ARS:  American Rhododendron Society – the parent society for many associated clubs and societies nationwide.

BC chapters of the ARS:
American Rhododendron Society (ARS) District 1
Fraser South Rhododendron Society
Vancouver Rhododendron Society
Nanaimo Rhododendron Society
Victoria Rhododendron Society
Cowichan Valley Rhododendron Society
North Island Rhododendron Society


Nurseries and Growers:

The ARS maintains a database of nurseries and growers at


Social media:

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The ARS Rhododendron DatabaseSearch rhododendron species and hybrids by name, colour, bloom time, hardiness, and many other parameters.

Hirsutum.infoThe Hirsutum Project is a new website with thousands of rhododendron and azalea pictures.

Meerkerk Rhododendron Garden – Whidbey Island, Washington. Take a tour of the gardens, viewing different sections with various species. A scenic page with many photographs, interesting commentary.

Rhododendron Species  Foundation – dedicated to conservation and education with their garden. Includes a plant distribution catalog and list of recommended books for all levels of rhodo growers.

Rhododendron and Azalea News – links to the newsletters of The American Rhododendron Society.

Rhododendrons Internationalan online rhododendron journal not associated with any existing rhododendron organization (but supported by all existing organizations) that presents articles in English on any aspect of rhododendrons that are perceived to be of wide interest to rhododendron enthusiasts world-wide.  Edited by MARS’s own Dr. Glen Jamieson.


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